Performances & Screenings at Ars Electronica 2014

August 20, 2014

Shota Mori (iPhone Quick-Draw System) and Shiroku Reyes Tatsuru, Tomohiro Aka and Takashi Gau (Skeletonics) will be sent to take part in the Future Innovators Summit, the main event of Ars Electronica 2014 in the Austrian city of Linz from September 4th-8th.

Ars Electronica 2014
Term: Thurs. 4th – Mon. 8th September
Venue: Plazas, schools, the OK Center for Contemporary Art etc. in Linz, Austria
Entry: 23 euros (varies according to ticket type and time)

Ars Electronica was launched in 1979 as a festival of art and technology for society and this year’s will be the 33rd in the series. An appropriate theme for the era is selected each year and draws artists, scientists, engineers, critics and journalists from all over the world.

Japan Media Arts Festival will send Shota Mori and Skeletonics (Shiroku Reyes Tatsuru, Tomohiro Aka and Takashi Gau) to Ars Electoronica this year.  Shota Mori has the Jury Selections for the Entertainment Division of the Japan Media Arts Festival 2013 for his iPhone Quick-Draw System which quick-on-the-draw iPhone device and video, as well as an award of Honorary Mentions for the Next Idea category at this year’s Ars Electronica. Shiroku Reyes Tatsuru, Tomohiro Aka and Takashi Gau have been drawing attention for their skeleton-like robot called.

They will be core participants in the main event, the Future Innovators Summit (FIS), during the festival and join specialists from diverse fields in the exhibitions, performances and discussions. There will be two days of group discussions etc. to draw up a proposal on this year’s theme: “C”…what it takes to change. 
There will also be official screenings of videos from Japan Media Arts Festival. (Times, venue etc. to be announced.)

■ Ars Electronica 2014
The theme for 2014 is “C”…what it takes to change. Technologies and ideas that have changed or transformed society will be examined in exhibitions, symposiums and lectures to investigate new methods and values for generating social innovation and making it possible.

■ Main Event: Future Innovators Summit (FIS)
As Future Innovators, participants from around the world will exhibit, perform and hold discussions on this year’s theme of “C”…what it takes to change. There will be displays, presentations and symposiums chiefly in educational institutions around the city of Linz. There will be 24 core members, including the four introduced here. They will be divided into six multi-disciplinary groups of four for two days of group discussions during the festival term. They will be joined at the FIS by creators who were recommended by various organizations or applied to participate through the public call together with social scientists and engineers. Internationally renowned artists, researchers and business people will take part as mentors. Citizens of Linz and students will also be free to join in.

○ Group Discussions
Dates: Thurs. 4th – Sun. 9th September
Place: FIS venue
MORI Shota : Group B, SHIROKU Reyes Tasuru (Skertonics) : Group E

* Demonstration schedule
MORI Shota:
* In addition, results will be exhibited in the project room (FIS venue) from Thurs. 4th – Mon. 8th September.

■ Artists Talk
Date: Sun. 7th September 15:00-16:00
Place: I-Center (FIS venue)
Speakers: Shota Mori; Skeletonics (Shiroku Reyes Tatsuru, Tomohiro Aka and Takashi Gau); Kazutoshi Iida (Game Creator / Professor, Digital Hollywood University / Juror for Entertainment Division at Japan Media Arts Festival 2012 and 2013)
Moderator: Manuela Naveau (Export Director / Curator, Ars Electronica)

■ Artists for the Future Innovators Summit
MORI Shota
Videomaker / Performer / Actor / Craftsman
Born in 1983. Stage, video and individual performances. Made waves with his iPhone Quick-Draw System video, inspired by the film, Taxi Driver, on Make, Gizmodo and other blog media. On Youtube, his videos have together accumulated about 4 million plays. Featured on TV at home and abroad. iPhone Quick-Draw System (gadget) and SEFURI ILC High School (video work) got Jury Selections for the Entertainment Division at the Japan Media Arts Festival 2013. Honorary Mention in the Next Idea category at this Ars Electronica, the Austrian media arts festival, in June, 2014.

Team Skeletonics, a group of creators of rideable, skeletal robots, was formed in August, 2010 by three students from an Okinawa National College of Technology who had won the Okinawa National College of Technology robot contest. Their first model, completed in February, 2011, has been widely featured on the web and other media. Incorporated in October, 2013 as Skeletonics Inc. Their many awards include the Good Design Award and Jury Selections at the Japan Media Arts Festival 2013.