Lucca Comics & Games 2017(Lucca, Italy)

Award-winning works from the Japan Media Arts Festival will be screened at Lucca Comics & Games 2017, which takes place in the north-west Tusan city of Lucca from November 1st to 5th.


Lucca Comics & Games is an annual festival held from late October into early November in the walled city of Lucca near Pisa. The festival is divided into the 9 sections of Comics, Fantasy, Games, Videogames, Junior, Music, Cosplay, Japan and Movies. The events range from exhibitions to the sale of comics, games and character goods, opportunities to try out new products and meetings with the creators. Taiyo MATSUMOTO, author of Sunny which won an Excellence Prize in the Manga Division of the 20th Japan Media Arts Festival, will have solo exhibition, and KAGO Shitaro, Tito KUBO and Eldo YOSHIMIZU will also participate from Japan.

There will be a presentation, too, on the achievements of COMIKS, the linkage project with the Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival (SICAF) of South Korea and Lucca Comics & Games in Italy.

Lucca Comics & Games 2017(Lucca, Italy)
Term: 2017.11.15 17:15
Venue: San Girolamo
website: https://www.luccacomicsandgames.com/it/2017/home/


Award-winning Program 2017