Screening Program

tenacious, gracious

By means of animation, a medium divorced from physical, temporal and spatial constraints, women are seen to prance with true freedom across the screen. Their expressions are simultaneously those of innocent girls and mischievous little devils who love to play tricks on people. These are women with the power to draw on the diversity innate to them from birth and use it to respond more flexibly to whatever external situation they encounter. In this program, I tried to compile expressions of female existence as described by female writers living in Japan. I want viewers to appreciate this intensely feminine freedom to the full.

Supervisor: Mitsuko OKAMOTO (Professor, Department of Animation, Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan)

The Evening Traveling

KONDOH Akino(Japan)

6th Excellence Award 4 min. 19sec.
Animated short film

Inspired by the eponymous song, the film features the artist’s trademark protagonist: a girl with a pageboy haircut, who is performing a strange dance as she undergoes a transformation presented through the fantastic perspective typical for Akino Kondoh.

Papillon Yoshiko

Shinjuko (Japan)

3 min. 24sec.
Animated short film

It is a most important work that Shinjuko produced in 2004.

Summer’s Puke is Winter’s Delight

KABUKI Sawako(Japan)

20th Jury Selection3 min. 00sec.
Animated short film

Painful events become memories over time. Still, we vomit and eat again. Life is Eco.

The Blooms

KUGENUMA Ayasa(Japan)

5 min. 40sec.
Animated short film

Deep down in the forest there lived flower fairies in flower gardens, waking up with the sunrise, eating sweets, and chatting with each other. One day they had a visit.

Sunset Flower Blooming

HU Yuanyuan(China)

16th Jury Selection10 min. 22sec.
Animated short film

Set in China in the 1960s, the story opens with an old woman cooling off in her garden. As the sky turns orange with the setting of the sun, an evening primrose begins to bloom. Prompted by the sight of the flower, the woman recalls her childhood and dreams of the time in her life when she was at her most beautiful. Using Chinese-style cutout pictures, the work consciously accentuates the soft texture of the paper and the brilliant colors.

Spring Sleeper

MATSUMOTO Saki (Japan)

11 min. 03sec.
Animated short film

On New Year’s Day, the heroine visits her grandmother in hospital. Grandmother does not seem to have changed. She looks very fine but forgets old memories.

Snow Hut

MIZUSHIRI Yoriko(Japan)

17th Jury Selection5 min. 24sec.
Animated short film

An artwork created with the image of a hut made from the snow covering a rice field. It gently expresses absurd motifs and movements within a space wrapped in whiteness and tranquility. It conveys the sensation of feeling both warm and cold while waiting quietly within a snow hut for the coming of spring, and those irreplaceable moments of freedom.

Airy me

KUNO Yoko (Japan)

17th New Face Award5 min. 38sec.
Animated short film

A test subject is administered daily medication by a nurse in a ward where mysterious medical experiments take place. One day, when the nurse presses the switch of the test subject, it successfully transforms into a chimera. Taking inspiration from the song of the same name by Artist Cuushe, this is an animated work consisting of 3,000 still images drawn over almost two years. In contrast to the scenery in the ward where time seems to have stopped, through the continually swaying camerawork and soft colors an original narrated world is depicted.

OK Go I Won't Let You Down

KONDOH Akino (Japan)

16th Jury Selection6 min. 37sec.
Animated short film

The film’s title derives from an old Japanese expression that the artist came across in a collection of short stories about girls by Tatsuhiko Shibusawa. It describes a sense of “inexplicably nostalgic anxiety”, or a kind of déjà-vu.

YASKAWA BUSHIDO PROJECT / industrial robot vs sword master

SHIRAISHI Keiko(Japan)

7 min. 51sec.
Animated short film

They live in a residential town surrounded by the ocean and mountains. Since that day, this town has been in complete darkness. Hidden in the darkness now are the streetlights, roads home, a mother, and a baby in her womb. 

group_inou [EYE]
Birth 〜 Weaving life

WAKAMI Arisa / ARAI Chie / KOGUMA Atsuko(Japan)

19 min. 03sec.
Animated short film

There are as many child delivery stories as there are people. Despite all the progress of medicine and science, lives still get lost during childbirth. We speak with mothers about the intimate experience of giving birth – an event that is both unique and an everyday thing.