The World Festival of Animated Film – Animafest Zagreb, established in 1972, is the second oldest film festival in the world completely dedicated to animation.
Until 2005 the festival was held biennially, and afterwards continued in the annual rhythm, devoting even years to short film and odd years to feature film. In 2015 Animafest Zagreb merged short and feature festival editions and became a festival dedicated to animation in all its forms on an annual basis.(Animafest’s Grand Prix winners directly qualify for the Academy Award.)
Animafest Zagreb 2020, which is the 30th anniversary for the festival itself, presents this year’s visual identity whose illustration and trailer were made by the acclaimed Japanese artist MIZUSHIRI Yoriko.


“MIZUSHIRI Yoriko Program”

MIZUSHIRI Yoriko creates sensual animations and a variety of works using unique motifs such as body parts and familiar subjects for the daily life of the people. In addition to those animated short films, this program features her quite distinctive music videos. People sometimes say her works are kind of closer to the surprisingly satisfactory texture they encounter when akami tuna sashimi melts in my mouth.

Venue Kino SC in the Student Centre complex, Zagreb
Dates 2020.9.29 (Tue) - 10:00PM