MADATAC (CONTEMPORARY FESTIVAL OF NEW MEDIA ARTS AND ADVANCED AUDIOVISUAL) is one of the best modern art festivals held in Madrid, Spain. This year, 2020, it is the 11th edition (MADATAC XI) and held October through November.

This project is dedicated to exhibit and promote Video Art and Audio Visual-Art in all its modalities, any processes of image-sound interaction, without exclusion of installations, performances and new media art works, with the aim to disclose to the great public a view of the consolidated artists as well to offer a platform for all those emergent New Media Art artists with a future projection who contribute with renewing proposals, avoid conventional visual language and does not find their place in other art and mass media spaces. During the festival time period, there will be workshops and keynote speeches presented by artists and researchers, in addition to screenings of video art and animation programs, exhibitions of installations and so forth.

This time, MADATAC holds the screening of “The 23rd Japan Media Arts Festival Award-winning Program” in association with this project.


“23rd Japan Media Arts Festival Award-winning Program”

This program comprises 7 works from award-winning works of the Animation Division from the 23rd Japan Media Arts Festival.

Venue Cine Club Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid
Dates 2020.11.19 (Thu) - 5:00PM