“TOKYO GARDEN” website featuring the Art and Entertainment divisions of JMAF opens this fall.

We have partnered with Ars Electronica 2020, Europe’s largest festival art, technology and society, which will be held from September 9th to 13th in Linz, Austria, to launch a special website promoting JMAF Art and Entertainment division. Our aim is to introduce most celebrated to promising media artists and creators in Japan through exhibiting online presentations of their works.
Rhizomatiks Architecture Director, Seiichi Saito will oversee this unique project and guide you through the art and entertainment scene of Tokyo. “TOKYO GARDEN” will have a wide variety of contents such as, talk sessions with different artists and curators, virtual studio tours, streaming live performances, sharing archives and exhibiting award-winning works from 2020 Prix Ars Electronica and Japan Media Art Festival 2020.
The website will officially launch on September 9th.

Check our teaser page for more information.