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No. 31



Animation director

Born in Fukuoka in 1965. First project with STUDIO4℃ was original drawings for a musical scene in "MIND GAME". Served as chief animation director and character designer on "TEKKONKINKREET".
"MUTAFUKAZ" marked his first feature-length work as director.

JMAF 23rd Animation Division / Jury Selections


  • Animated feature film
  • 01:34:00
NISHIMI Shojiro, Guillaume "Run" RENARD
TANAKA Eiko, Anthony ROUX
Guillaume "Run" RENARD

Angelino, known as Lino, was born and raised in DMC (Dark Meat City), a hangout for criminals and destitutes, where he lives with his best friend, the skull-headed Vinz in a run-down apartment. Together with the silly and timid Willy, the 3 pass time lazily with no bright future prospects. One day, after getting into a traffic accident, Lino starts to have odd hallucinations in which he is chased by strange men in black suits and armed police. Eventually, his life gets into a desperate situation.


Other Works


    TEKKONKINKREET ©2006 Taiyo Matsumoto/Shogakukan, Aniplex, Asmik Ace, Beyond C., dentsu, TOKYO MX

    • Animated feature film
    • 01:51:00

    JMAF 3rd Digital Art (Non Interactive Art) Division / Excellence Award

  • Batman Gotham Knight

    BATMAN and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and ©DC Comics. ©2008 Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.

    Batman Gotham Knight
    • Animated feature film
    • 01:16:00