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Curated Program for 2020 ANIMETAMAGO

The Young Animator Training Project was launched by the Agency for Cultural Affairs in 2010 to promote and enhance Japanese animation by fostering outstanding next-generation animators through on-the-job training (OJT). The project aims to nurture young animators by gathering plans for short original animations within Japan, and allowing the selected works to be worked on by these animators at an actual production site.
This time, we will deliver a short program containing 3 animated works.

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ANIMETAMAGO June27th / 28th

Online Screening Schedule for June 27th and June 28th.
3 live streamings only.


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Screening Program

  • Colorful Ninja Iromaki


    Director / Screenwriter
    KOBAYASHI Kentaro
    Episode direction
    ARAKAWA Masatsugu
    Character design / Animation director
    UMISHIMA Senbon
    Japanese pattern art design
    OMORI Seiichiro
    Assistant animation director
    YAMAMOTO Yukie
    Senior Animator
    MIYAZAWA Yasunori / KITAGAWA Takayuki
    Junior Animator
    IMAHASHI Asuna / YAMAMOTO Mayuko / DEN Saori / KOGAWA Miku / BANNO Hikari / HIGASHIJIMA Hisashi
    Color design
    TANAKA Miho
    Art director
    OGURA Hiromasa
    TANAKA Koji
    MURAKAMI Yoshinori
    Sound director
    GODA Hozumi
    INABA Koshu
    Title logo
    TAKUBO Akira
    Animation producer
    HONDA Fuminori
    SAKURAI Yoshiki

    ©Kentaro Kobayashi/SIGNAL.MD/TWINKLE Corporation

    This is an animated work that was created as part of the Agency for Cultural Affairs’ Young Animator Training Project, "Anime Tamago 2016". Signal.MD, who produced "Napping Princess" and other works, were in charge of production.
    Himeno (voiced by Hazuki Shimizu), a third-grade elementary school student, moves to a large mansion in the countryside, which turns out to be a ninja mansion. Akamaki (voiced by Inuko Inuyama), Aomaki (voiced by Vanilla Yamazaki), and Kiiromaki (voiced by Teiyū Ichiryūsai) mistake Himeno for a princess, and she and the ninjas start living a strange life together. Meanwhile, a huge tornado is on the way...

  • MATASABURO of the Wind


    YAMADA Hiroki
    Animation director
    HORIUCHI Hiroyuki
    CG director
    NAKAJIMA Tomonari
    Senior Animator
    YOSHIDA Eriko
    Junior Animator
    KASAHARA Toshio / YANAGISAWA Yoshinori / KONNO Wataru / MIZUGUCHI Ryo / KAKIZAKI Hisashi / WAKAI Miyuki / CHINO Syohei
    Art director
    SEYAMA Takeshi / MATSUBARA Rie
    Sound director
    Sound design
    TAKAYAMA Kiyohiko
    Production assistant

    ©BUEMON Inc.

    This is an animated work that was created as part of the Agency for Cultural Affairs’ Young Animator Training Project, "Anime Tamago 2016". BUEMON, who produced “OBSOLETE”, which is currently showing on YouTube Originals, was in charge of production.
    A girl (voiced by Natsuki Inaba) who has recently moved temporarily from the city to a mountain school because of her father's work feels distant from her new classmates. Koichi (voiced by Satoshi Yamazaki) gets interested in the girl, but he can't get close to her. The girl had wanted to return to her city life as quickly as possible, but by chance she happens to meet a real-life wind god…

  • Rebecca

    2020/24min/VEGA ENTERTAINMENT co., Ltd,

    Director / Story boards / Episode direction
    TERAMOTO Yukiyo
    MATSUDO Takaji
    FUKUSHIMA Naohiro
    Character design
    SEKI Shuichi
    Animation director / Prop design
    KAWASHIGE Nozomi
    Assistant animation director / Key visuals
    HORIE Yu
    Animation trainer
    SHIMAZU Ikuo
    Senior Animator
    TANAKA Midori / MIYAMOTO Michiko
    Junior Animator
    INA Yukimitsu / KAMIYA Yuki / SUZUKI Kiho / TAKAHASHI Miyuki / TAKIZAWA Mayu / HAMADA Yumeko / MARUYAMA Kaede / MOROKUMA Emi
    In-between Animation Checker
    Color design
    TAKAHASHI Megumi
    Art director
    DOBASHI Makoto
    Assistant art director
    DOBASHI Tomoko
    SATO Muneaki
    FUJIMOTO Satoko
    Sound director
    URAKAMI Yasuyuki
    WAKABAYASHI Takatsugu
    Production manager
    TAKEI Ken
    Production producer
    YASUMOTO Kumiko
    Production desk
    BABA Jun


    An animated work created within the Agency for Cultural Affairs' Young Animator Training Project, "Anime Tamago 2020".
    Set in a rural town in Maine, USA, at the end of the 19th century. The second of seven siblings, Rebecca, is a bright and energetic 10-year-old girl. When her father dies, Rebecca’s life becomes harder and she is sent to live with her two aunts, Miranda and Jane. Rebecca, who admires the gentle Jane, constantly cowers from the strict and nagging Miranda. One day, Rebecca is scolded by Miranda for going out in a pink dress that Jane had made for her by hand. After Miranda insults her father, Rebecca explodes and leaves the house in a rage…