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Creator's File - Manga


KITAMURA grew up in Heda village (current day Numazu city) in Shizuoka, surrounded by the sea and
mountains. She currently works as a freelance animation creator and illustrator. She has worked on covers
and illustrations for books and magazines as well as animation for music videos. Some of her well-known
works include the covers of Tobu Kyoushitu (lit. The Flying Classroom) and Kenchiku Chishiki (lit. Architectural
Knowledge) as well as illustrations for Tokyo Shoseki’s Atarashii Sansu (lit. New Math). Her animation works include SPACE SHOWER TV STATION ID, Minna No Uta’s “I’m a Hero” and the MV for KAF’s song “Sorekara.”
The 25th Japan Media Arts Festival Manga Division Jury Selections
Good-bye Hello World
One volume in total / June 18th, 2022 / rn press Inc.
Humans who no longer move. A husband choosing euthanasia. A new generation born in a polluted world. The first time falling in love being in a virtual world. How will advances in technology change our future? This is a collection of works depicting a future that may very well be possible in our own world.
Originally published in the Japanese edition of WIRED, this collection of nine short science fiction comics covers topics such as AR, VR, AI, well-being, environmental consequences due to human activity, and dignified deaths. Each story expands on an imagined reality stemming from cutting-edge technologies that may one day become possible.