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©️Miki Yamamoto


Manga artist and assistant professor at Tsukuba University, Faculty of Art and Design. She debuted with Bakudan to Ribon (lit. A Ribbon and a Bomb) in 2011 (Sansai Books). In 2012 she released Sunny Sunny Ann! (Kodansha) and received the 17th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize New Face Award. The same was published in French in 2018 and was officially selected for the 2019 Angoulême International Comics Festival. She places importance on the story and the methods of expression, and her illustration style changes with each work of art. At Tsukuba University she actively takes part in analyzing storytelling in picture books and manga in the hopes of providing research and education useful to other creators.
©Miki Yamamoto / LEED Publishing Co.,Ltd.
©Miki Yamamoto / LEED Publishing Co.,Ltd.
©Miki Yamamoto / LEED Publishing Co.,Ltd.
The 24th Japan Media Arts Festival Manga Division Excellence Award
A Smart and Courageous Child
One volume in total / June 17th, 2020 / Leed Publishing Co., Ltd.
The reality of this world, as seen through the eyes of an author that has spent years illustrating women. This comic portrays a young couple that has high hopes for their unborn child. The wife, only days away from giving birth, learns of an incident that occurred to a girl in Pakistan who was shot in the head for opposing a ban on women's education. Her pure and innocent belief in the future is shaken. With the wife now in a state of shock, will the gap between the young couple continue to grow and lead them further apart?