Japan Media Arts Festival Overseas Promotion


October 19 - 23, 2022

Frankfurt Book Fair (2022)


About the festival

Japan Media Arts Festival Oversea Promotion Project 2022 organized by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, will have a booth at the Frankfurter Buchmesse (Frankfurt Book Fair) 2022, where it will hold a manga showcase presentation as well as an exhibition introducing featured works.

Exhibition period: 19 (Wed) – 23 (Sat) October 2022
Booth number: Hall 6.1, A98
Official website: https://www.buchmesse.de/en (English)

Japanese manga is very popular around the world; however, this exhibition will introduce six works by lesser-known female manga artists. The works come from a variety of genres and were selected from among the Japan Media Arts Festival award-winning works and those recommended by the jury. In addition to this panel exhibition, there will also be a showcase presentation for overseas publishers.

(1) Manga showcase presentation and networking reception

Dates and times
(local time)
October 19 (Wed) 15:30 (Presentation + reception)
October 20 (Thu) 15:00 (Presentation + reception)
October 21 (Fri) 11:00 (Presentation + reception)
Location At the Agency for Cultural Affairs’ booth (Hall 6.1, A98)

(2) Panel exhibition

Theme The deep and diverse world of female Japanese manga artists
Featured works
      1. KITAMURA Minami, Good-bye Hello World / rn press Inc.
        25th Japan Media Arts Festival Manga Division Jury Selections
      2. KUTSUSHITA Nugiko, Omoeba Tokuni Obscura (A Lens So Far Away ) / Akita Publishing Co., Ltd.
        25th Japan Media Arts Festival Manga Division Jury Selections
      3. YAMAMOTO Miki, Kashikoku te Yuki Aru Kodomo (A Smart and Courageous Child) / Leed Publishing Co., Ltd.
        24th Japan Media Arts Festival Manga Division Excellence Award
      4. ANNO Moyoco, Memoirs of Amorous Gentlemen / Shodensha Publishing Co., Ltd.
        23rd Japan Media Arts Festival Manga Division Excellence Award
      5. KARI Sumako, Ashita Shinuniwa (Since I Could Die Tomorrow) / Ohta Publishing Company
        23rd Japan Media Arts Festival Manga Division Excellence Award
      6. MATSUDA Hiroko, Chichi no Nakushimono (All the Things My Father Lost) / Kadokawa Corporation
        23rd Japan Media Arts Festival Manga Division Jury Selections

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Summary Report

The Frankfurt Book Fair is the world’s largest trade fair for books, where publishers and agents come together. The 74th Frankfurt Book Fair 2022 took place from October 19th and lasted five days, and was the first time the Japan Media Arts Festival Overseas Promotion department had a display there. Six titles that won awards from the Japan Media Arts Festival were selected with the common theme “The Deep and Diverse World of Female Japanese Manga Artists” to be displayed and introduced to overseas publishers and agents as manga showcase presentations. The booth at the fair had displays for each title, and many visitors learned about the selected works.

<Frankfurt Book Fair 2022 Exhibition Report Summary>
・Venue Dates: October 19th and 20th (industry only), Octoter 21st to 23rd (general)
・Country of Honor: Spain
・Themes: Translate. Transfer. Transform.
・Industry-related visitors: Approximately 93,000 people (2021’s had 36,000 people) / 100 countries
・General public admissions: 87,000 people (2021’s had 37,500 people)
・Press: 6,400 people
・Exhibitors: 4,000 companies across 95 countries
・Online visitors: 104,000 people
・Agents, scout centers: 450 desks (approximately 300 agents)
・Workstations: 60 stands

Japan Media Arts Festival Overseas Promotion

・Venue: Hall 6 Booth # A 98 (inside the Japan stand)

1.  Manga Showcase Presentations & Networking Cocktail
Day 1 to Day 3 of the event consisted of manga showcase presentations and networking business days. Many overseas publishers and agents visited and were introduced to each title using slides during the 30 minutes presentation. After the presentation, there was a mini get together where people could exchange their opinions and ideas about the titles. Being able to learn about the demand for Japanese manga to be exported overseas and to hear it from the people that live in those countries was extremely useful for future opportunities.

2. Panel displays for titles
The Japan stand at the book fair consisted of publishers from Japan and Japan Book Bank, a Japanese literary translation and distribution organization. At the booth were panel displays for the six titles that were introduced via manga showcase presentations. Many visitors, including publishers from other countries and the general public, took a look at the physical copies of the titles and were deeply engrossed in them as they flipped the pages.

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