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Ars Electronica festival2021 “Garden TOKYO” special site officially launched!


The Power of the Unseen 
Time, Sound, Resonance, Ecosystems, Social Bodies, Bonds and Life

TOMURA Asako, General Manager, Group1, Corporate Technology Strategy Division, Sony Group Corporation

Special Site

Highlight Video

1. Online Live Performance

Artist: evala (See by Your Ears)
Title: Chosho Hakkei in Rittor Base – Live Performance ver

2. Exhibition

Artist: KOIZUMI Meiro
1) Video documentation: VR Theatre Prometheus Bound [Online exhibition] 
2) VR Theater: Prometheus Unbound Ars Electronica 2021 Garden TOKYO ver. [Online exhibition]

Artist: SAKUMA Kaito
1) KEHAI: Liquid Mirror Series – Square – (Ars Electronica official exhibition) [On-site exhibition at Johannes Kepler University].
2) Introduction of Ether – liquid mirror which won the New Face Award in the Art Division. [Online exhibition]

Artist:KAKEHI Yasuaki Laboratory, The University of Tokyo
1) Algaphon (Ars Electronica 2021 invited exhibition) [Hybrid Exhibition]
Yasuaki Kakehi Laboratory, The University of Tokyo
Harpreet SAREEN, Franziska MACK, KAKEHI Yasuaki

3. Online Talk

Online Talk featuring evala
Theme: Memories of journey, the future of spatial acoustics – See by Your Ears
Speakers:evala (Musician/Sound artist), KUBO Jiro (Sound engineer)
Moderator:TOMURA Asako (Director, Garden TOKYO)

Online Talk featuring YOSHIFUJI Ory
Theme: Solitude and bonding. We can change the world by making the impossible possible.
Speakers: YOSHIFUJI Ory (Inventor/Robot Communicator), NAGAHIRO Masato (OriHime Pilot)
Moderator: UCHIDA Mahoro (Curator/Exhibition Producer)

4. On‐site Demonstration

Organizer: Avatar Robot Cafe DAWN ver.β Production Team (YOSHIFUJI Kentaro, Co-founder and CEO of Ory Laboratories Inc.
1) Introduction of Avatar Robot Cafe DAWN ver.β [Online exhibition]
2) On-site demonstration of Avatar Robot Cafe DAWN ver.β [Ars Electronica official exhibition]

5. Highlighting Collective Movements
[Online exhibition]