Japan Media Arts Festival Overseas Promotion

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Japan Media Arts Festival Overseas Promotion’s official video created by TAKAHASHI Miho revealed


The official video for Japan Media Arts Festival (JMAF) overseas promotion is now available. It was created by animation artist TAKAHASHI Miho (hohobun).

TAKAHASHI Miho (hohobun) profile
Born in 1997, TAKAHASHI Miho studied design and works with animation and illustration as her main forms of expression. She produces works that illustrate her views on life and death, using the predation of animals and their activities as a motif. As part of her process , TAKAHASHIs creatures and worlds are constructed within the confines of rules she sets based on the concept for each individual work. TAKAHASHI personally designs each shot leaf by leaf to construct her world view, with each animated creature consisting on average of 60 to 100 parts, woven and assembled into a decorative collage from a variety of smaller shapes and elements. Comprising consecutive images in which she subtly moves all these parts to create poses, TAKAHASHI continues to produce her animations with the intention of bringing her creations to life as living creatures on screen.

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