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Talk sessions in conjunction with Annecy International Animation Festival launched! IWAISAWA Kenji (director) × DOI Nobuaki (researcher/critic/producer)


A series of talk sessions with top Japanese animation creators produced in conjunction the with Annecy International Animation Festival have been launched.

Blending Live-Action and Animation to Create On-Gaku: Our Sound
Participants: IWAISAWA Kenji (director), DOI Nobuaki (researcher/critic/producer)

On-Gaku: Our Sound was the winner of the 24th Japan Media Arts Festival’s Entertainment Division Grand Prize. The film was made largely by one man, director IWAISAWA Kenji, over a period of over seven years. IWAISAWA employed inventive techniques such as rotoscoping and the use of actual locations, creating a unique blend of live-action and animation. In this talk, we speak to IWAISAWA about the making and meaning behind On-Gaku: Our Sound.