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Talk sessions in conjunction with Annecy International Animation Festival launched! SATO Junichi (director) × FUJITSU Ryouta (animation critic)


A series of talk sessions with top Japanese animation creators produced in conjunction the with Annecy International Animation Festival have been launched.

Animation That Grows Up With You: A Girls‘ Anime Franchise Turns 20
Particpants:SATO Junichi (director) × FUJITSU Ryouta (animation critic)

Ojamajo Doremi, also known as Magical DoReMi, is an animated series that aired in Japan between 1999 and 2003. For its 20th anniversary, a new film, Looking for Magical Doremi, was produced. The film deals with time, and gives viewers the feeling that animation will be with them even when they grow up. Is girls’ anime simply a pastime for children—or a life partner that grows up alongside its fans? We discuss this question alongside the film’s director, SATO Junichi, a longtime creator of girls’ anime, and hear tales from the production, where staff old and new worked alongside each other.