Japan Media Arts Festival Overseas Promotion

Screening Program

Animation x Music
-Selected from Award-winning Works of Japan Media Arts Festival-


This program is a selection of award-winning works from the Japan Media Arts Festival focusing on music videos and short animation films that use music as sound.

It has been said that music videos are one of the few jobs that allow artists to create relatively freely and show their own unique styles. In recent years, the need for music videos has increased as more and more music works are being viewed through video sharing sites, and there has been a huge animated music video movement in Japan, especially among young people.

The winner of this year’s Social Impact Award, Haze Haseru Haterumade, is a typical example of this movement. Canaria, which won this year’s Entertainment Division New Face Award, is a hand-drawn animated music video that uses VR and shows new possibilities for expression in animation.

Airy Me, YAMASUKI YAMAZAKI, and Satie’s Parade were not created by music producers, but are video works that use music as sound. Satie’s Parade is a work that combines animation and the music from a ballet first performed in 1917, which is very unique as it looks both like a music video and the animation of a stage performance.

We hope that you will be able to enjoy how animation artists perceive the different music tracks and how they have been able to realize their vision in animation. We also hope that you find some new Japanese music works to listen to.

Lastly, there were many other excellent works that could not be selected for various reasons. Since music videos are often available for free on video sharing sites, you can easily check these out online. And, if you feel like you want to see more videos similar to those that have been introduced here, why not check out some of the award-winning works from previous years?

Screening Program: “Animation x Music -Selected from Award-winning Works of Japan Media Arts Festival-”
Curator: OYAMA Kei (Producer and CEO, CALF Co., Ltd.)
Production: Japan Media Arts Festival Overseas Promotion
Video length: 46:49
Copyright: © 2021 Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan All Rights Reserved

Cuushe “Airy Me”


2013 / Music Video, Short Animation / 05:38
17th JMAF Animation Division New Face Award

© 2013 Kuno Yoko All Rights Reserved.

Inspired by the song of the same title produced by Cuushe.
An examinee receives medication every day from a nurse in a hospital where mysterious biological experiments are being conducted. One day, the nurse presses a switch and the examinee transforms into a chimera. What kind of a scene will be created when they continue to have human desires even though they have become something other than human? And what kind of change will it bring to the relationship between the nurse and the examinee?

Animation: KUNO Yoko
Music: Cuushe “Airy Me”


Animation Artist / Illustrator


ShiShi Yamazaki

2013 / Music Video / 02:22
17th JAMF Animation Division Jury Selections

Ⓒ Hot Zipang inc

When you’re insanely happy, you’re so happy to be happy, that you forget what made you happy in the first place.

Director: ShiShi Yamazaki
Music: Yamasuki’s
Yama Yama: Daniel VANGARDE

ShiShi Yamazaki


Shugo Tokumaru “Poker”


2014 / Music Video / 03:37
18th JAMF Animation Division Jury Selections


This is a music animation commemorating the 10th anniversary of Shugo Tokumaru’s debut and the 100th anniversary of Norman MCLAREN’s birth. The work is interspersed with homages to MCLAREN’s masterpiece, Blinkity Blank.

Director & Animation: MIZUE Mirai, NAKAUCHI Yukie
Music: Shugo Tokumaru



group_inou “EYE”


2015 / Music Video / 03:32
19th JAMF Entertainment Division New Face Award

© 2015 GAL

This is a music video in which the two members of group_inou run through Google Street View images that have been stitched together. The song is from an album titled “MAP” and referencing the name of the album, the video was created by reconstructing a vast amount of “viewpoints” from around the world that were collected from the internet.

Material: Google Street View TM
System / Software: Hyperlapse.js, openFramework, Node.js, Arduino
Music: group_inou

© 2019 Jo Motoyo


Video Artist

© 2017 Daizaburo Nagashima

NOGAMI Katsuki

Contemporary Artist

Satie’s “Parade”


2016 / Animated Short Film / 14:12
20th JAMF Animation Division Jury Selections

© Yamamura Animation

“Parade”, which French composer Erik Satie started composing at the age of 50, is a a piece of ballet music that the poet Apollinaire first introduced with the word “surrealism”. The ballet, which premiered in 1917, was performed with three managers and four performers gathering in front of the circus tent.
YAMAMURA Koji tried to reproduce this stage which was made 100 years ago with a text from Satie’s essay, as a surrealistic ballet video along with the performance of Willem Breuker Orchestra.
In addition to the characters who appeared in the original ballet, Jean Cocteau, Pablo Picasso, and Erik Satie, who created this ballet, also appeared, and they were in charge of the eccentric titles and music of the work. Many of his works were inspired by arts such as René Clair’s movie “Entr’Acte”, Man Ray and Picabia, who had a close relationship with Sati.
The work was completed in 2016 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Satie’s birth and the 100th anniversary of the composition of “Parade.”

Music / Text: Erik SATIE (1866-1925)
Music performance: Willem Breuker Kollektief
Arrangement: Willem BREUKER (1944-2010)
Director / Animation: YAMAMURA Koji
Translation: Ilan NGUYÊN
Production: Yamamura Animation
Distribution: Au Praxinoscope


Director / Producer


Saigo no Shudan (ARISAKA Ayumu / OITA Mai / KOHATA Ren)

2018 / Music Video / 04:15
22th JAMF Entertainment Division Jury Selections

Welcome to the bathhouse from another dimension. Men and women of all ages are welcome to use the bathhouse. This bathhouse is blessed by the God of mountains, and is open free of charge to anybody. Various creatures from this world and the next gather here to take a relaxing bath.

Music: EVISBEATS, MAEDA Kazuhiko
Video: Saigo no Shudan

Saigo no Shudan (ARISAKA Ayumu / OITA Mai / KOHATA Ren)

ARISAKA Ayumu: Artist (Animation / Comics / Graphics)
OITA Mai: Graphic Designer
KOHATA Ren: Artist (Video / Comics / Graphics)

Bonnou Shimizu “ShalaBonBon”

Yoko Yuki

2019 / Music Video / 02:20
23th JAMF Animation Division Jury Selections

© Yoko Yuki

This work was created as a music video for the song ShalaBonBon by Bonno Shimizu. Birds, flowers, people, and other living things appear one after another, set to a light acoustic sound plus the catchy phrase, “shalabonbon”. The noise-processed effect, which is vivid and fluorescent, was achieved by filming a 2D animation played on a CRT TV.

Director: YUKI Yoko
Music: Bonnou Shimizu

Yoko Yuki

Animation Artist

ZUTOMAYO “Haze Haseru Haterumade”


2019 / Music Video / 04:05
24th JAMF Animation Division Social Impact Award


With a fast-paced sound and a high-pitched singing voice, this work depicts the recollections and consequences of a girl who says goodbye to her friends and the past, and leaves for space alone. The girl changes from her normal clothes into a spacesuit-like outfit and the animation unfolds one scene after another, with the girl singing into a microphone, riding a surfboard through space, and dancing to the beat. Strange creatures, desolate places, and characters that look like an ancient language highlight a pop-themed yet still quite decadent view of the world. Rather than following a single storyline, the music is prioritized in the work, which increases its appeal and evocativeness.

Animation: Waboku

© Waboku/Incstoenter


Animation Artist
Caramel Honey Pancake

Shugo Tokumaru “Canaria”


2020 / Music Video, VR Animation / 04:18
24th JAMF Entertainment Division New Face Award


“Canaria” is a 360-degree, hand-drawn VR animation by YUHARA Kazuki, a student at the Department of Animation at Tokyo University of the Arts. It also serves as a music video for the song of the same name by Shugo Tokumaru, which is both experimental and pop. The video, which took over six months to create, is based on the theme of a canary’s encounter with the world. It is a colorful, meticulously hand-drawn 360-degree animation that can be experienced using VR goggles, an omnidirectional screen, a computer, or a smartphone. In this virtual space, viewers are encouraged to immerse themselves in the magnificent worldview. The piece is an attempt to redefine music videos from something to be viewed to something to be experienced.

All Audio: Shugo Tokumaru
Animation: SHIMA Naohiro
Director / Animation: YUHARA Kazuki
360 Mixing: KASAI Toshihiko
Tech Support: KUBO Jiro

© yuharakazuki


Illustrator / Animator / Game Designer
Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Animation