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The Annecy International Animated Film Festival is known as the world’s largest animated film festival. It began as the independent animation division of the Cannes Film Festival in 1960, and is now recognized as an official festival by the International Animated Film Association (ASIFA). It is held every June at Lake Annecy, a mountainous area of eastern France close to the Swiss border. In addition to the film screenings, various events such as conferences and trade shows are also held.

TOKYO SCRAMBLE -Tokyo in Animation
TOKYO SCRAMBLE -Tokyo in Animation
TOKYO SCRAMBLE -Tokyo in Animation
TOKYO SCRAMBLE -Tokyo in Animation

Exhibition Theme
TOKYO SCRAMBLE -Tokyo in Animation-

The metropolis of Tokyo, where everything is mixed and everything is different. Where the past and present, real and virtual collide. There is a special kind of energy created in Tokyo, and it is always in full supply.
How do creators inside and outside the city differ in drawing Tokyo, and how is the unique power of Tokyo incorporated into their work?
For this exhibition, works were chosen based on the theme of “TOKYO SCRAMBLE”. Some express the abstract while others focus on the big city from a more human perspective, and as a whole they exude the power of Tokyo, which may be best exemplified by the scramble crossing in Shibuya.

Mitsuko Okamoto, Curator

Program Exhibition Venue: MIFA Booth# (4.A01)

Screening with iPad & COMIC

your name.” (2016)
Director: Makoto Shinkai
2017 20th JMAF Grand Prize (Animation Division)
Director and Screenwriter: Hideaki Anno
Co-director and Special Effects Supervisor: Shinji Higuchi
2017 20th JMAF Grand Prize (Entertainment Division)
ELEVENPLAY x Rhizomatiks Research '24 drones'” (2015)
Daito Manabe/Motoi Ishibashi/Setsuya Kurotaki/Momoko Nishimoto/Tomoaki Yanagisawa/ Katsuhiko Harada/NON/ERISA/SAYA/YUKA/KAORI
2017 20th JMAF Jury Selection (Entertainment Division)
The Boy and the Beast” (2015)
Director: Mamoru Hosoda
2015 19th JMAF Jury Selection (Animation Division)
Mob Psycho 100” (2016)(Animation)
Director: Yuzuru Tachikawa
2017 20th JMAF Jury Selection (Animation Division)
“Mob Psycho 100” (2012) (Comic)
Writer: ONE
Miss Hokusai” (2015)
Director: Keiichi Hara
2015 19th JMAF Jury Selection (Animation Division)
Tokyo Godfathers” (2003)
Director: Satoshi Kon
2003 7th JMAF Excellence Award (Animation Division)
Tekkonkinkreet” (2006) (Animation)
Director: Michael Arias
1999 3rd JMAF Excellence Award (Non Interactive Digital Art Division)
“Tekkonkinkreet” (1993) (Comic)
Writer: Taiyo Matsumoto
Rhizome” (2015)
Director: Boris Labbé
2015 19th JMAF Grand Prize (Animation Division)
Director: Katsuhiro Otomo
2012 16th JMAF Grand Prize (Animation Division)
Fig” (2006)
Director: Koji Yamamura
The Tender March” (2011)
Director: Wataru Uekusa
2011 15th JMAF New Face Award (Animation Division)
Airy Me” (2013)
Director: Yoko Kuno
2013 17th JMAF New Face Award (Animation Division)
To Heel” (2016)
Director: Madoka
2017 20th JMAF Jury Selection (Animation Division)
WAAAH” (2018)
Director: Sawako Kabuki
Futon” (2012)
Director: Yoriko Mizushiri
2012 16th JMAF New Face Award (Animation Division)


toki- CROSSING #01” (2016) H10.0*W50.0*D50.0cm

Artist: Akinori Goto
2017 20th JMAF Jury Selection (Art Division)

The “toki-” series uses movement to give visual shape to time and capture the relations between motion and time or the beauty and qualities of time. toki- CROSSING #01 selects 12 people using a crosswalk near the narrator’s house on the same day. By connecting these strangers to a single time axis, it explores their commonalities.

Family Deck” (2010)  H73.0*W88.5*D224.0cm

Artist: Tomoyasu Murata
2009 13th JMAF Jury Selection (Animation Division)

This set was used for the filming of his animated short film, "Family Deck"(2007), which was chosen as a JMAF Jury Selection. The motif is memorable landscapes from Murata's own past.

Mt. Onokoro” (2016) H80.0*W200.0*D160.0cm
“Mt. Onokoro” (2016) H80.0*W200.0*D160.0cm

Artist: Tomoyasu Murata

To make this work, Murata uses the cave from his short film, “Okinamai / Forest This Flower Bloom,” released in New York in 2016. The cave is modeled on Onogoro Island, an important island mentioned in the Kojiki (Records of Ancient Matters).

Artist Talk

With Japanese sake Venue: Booth 4.A01

Akinori Goto 13 May (Wed) 17:00~18:00
Akinori Goto

Photo by Bumpei Kimura

【Artist profile】
Goto is a graduate from the Department of Visual Communication Design at Musashino Art University. His major work is the time sculpture series called "toki." His recent major exhibits are SXSW Art Program 2017, Ars Electronica Festival 2017, and others.

Tomoyasu Murata 14 May (Thu) 16:00~17:00
Tomoyasu Murata
【Artist profile】
A graduate of the Department of Design at the Tokyo University of the Arts, and of its Graduate School of Fine Arts in 2002, Murata won the JMAF Excellence Award in 2001 for the puppet animation "Nostalgia." He has also made videos for Mr, Children and ap bank.


Tomoyasu Murata Program
Stop Motion Animation

Tomoyasu Murata began his work producing puppet animations after being inspired by traditional Japanese puppet theatre, called Bunraku.
Murata employs puppet animation in an expressive way, allowing viewers to experience it with their eyes, ears, sense of touch and even through the air. He has consistently strived to express the idea of mujo, or impermanence, which is a very beautiful concept to the Japanese.
In one of his early series entitled “Road”, Murata described the aspect of “absence”. Through small gestures of the puppets' hands and eyes, he expressed things that are not words, and are indeed impossible to put into words.
“Family Deck” is a series of stories that describe the everyday life of a family running a barbershop that used to be located in Murata’s neighborhood but no longer exists. Recreating the old town using miniature sets, Murata undertakes the challenge of recording the rapidly changing town. Employing an old barbershop that actually existed and adding his original family stories, Murata attempts to create a series of works that act as a container for storing memories.
After the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, Murata started to create new series based on the theme of traversing memories regarding life and death. He has so far completed three of his five planned puppet animations: “Okinamai / Forest This Flower Bloom”, “AMETSUCHI”, and “A Branch of a Pine Is Tied up”. In these series, Murata tries to portray the view of mujo through the themes of prayer, chronicling and faith.

June 15, 2018(Fri) 14:30-15:50
With the appearance by the director
Theater: PATHE ANNECY Theater Room #3

Nostalgia” (2000) (16min)
“Nostalgia” (2000) (16min)

2001 5th JMAF Excellence Award (Animation Division)
“Distant Memory” is nostalgic, bittersweet, and pleasant. A fragment of memory revives by chance in an unchanging daily life. This fragment and others eventually assemble into a distant memory. This work is like a message from a precious person.

Scarlet Road”(2002) (13min)
“Scarlet Road”(2002) (13min)

2002 6th JMAF Jury Selection(Animation Division)
A train is running through a long, dark tunnel. A sad man meets a girl who gives him a vermillion flower. He starts a short journey—not of words, not of anything to be put into words, just trivia. At the end of that journey, the man emerges from the long, dark tunnel.

“Family Deck Episode 1” (2007) (4min)
“Family Deck Episode 1” (2007) (4min)

2009 13th JMAF Jury Selection (Animation Division)
The Takadas run a barber shop in east Tokyo. This family of four includes the parents, a boy in elementary school, and a girl in junior high. As the Seven Lucky Gods (or kami, meaning both "hair" and "gods") living in the shop play tricks on them, strange things happen in their daily lives. Meanwhile, time flows slowly and their individual lives are depicted with attention.

Okinamai / Forest This Flower Bloom” (2014-2015) (11min)
“Okinamai / Forest This Flower Bloom” (2014-2015) (11min)

1st episode in a series themed after The Great East Japan Earthquake - “Travel through Memories about Life & Death.” An amnesiac wolf traces his past and escapes from hunters who are after him. Okina appears as a narrator who speaks of the desire to resist change and the reality of continual change. He continues to dance quietly on the edge of amnesia.

“A Branch of a Pine Is Tied up” (2017) (16min)

3rd episode in a series themed after The Great East Japan Earthquake - “Travel through Memories about Life & Death.” Twins are separated by a tsunami. A snow globe connects the present and past. While traversing between these two periods, one of the twins retrieves her memories. The moon and sun overlap, enabling the Rabbit-man to connect the past with reality. He leads the girl who has remembered to the land of the dead.